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#FeaturedClient of the week: Jashanmal Amazon Brand Store

We were absolutely BAFFLED...

...when we were approached by Jashanmal National Co to support them in expanding their presence on Amazon!

With more than 100 internationally recognized brands and 30+ exclusive labels, Jashanmal is a real flag ship in the retail industry throughout the Middle East. With their presence in the world’s best-known and largest malls, the Jashanmal brand is not only known to local consumers but to shoppers from all over the world!

As an old proverb states: 'Nothing in retail is as constant as change' - and anyone who is 'at home' in retail will certainly nod their head to this!

The Jashanmal Group was founded in 1919 – that is more than 100 years ago! Since then, they have proven to have successfully mastered continuous change many times over.

All the more honored we feel to have helped shape part of this new chapter. And we are happy to announce the launch of the Jashanmal Brandstore on Amazon!

Just like the online shop, this newly launched Amazon brand-store highlights popular products to consumers while making it easy for them to browse through different product categories and explore the broad selection of strong brands.

As 'digital marketeers', we are very happy to see strong retail groups being so invested into making their product range available at literally all hubs of consumption.

Particularly their commitment in focusing on the consumer first when presenting information on both products and retail partners!

‘What the customer wants’ – not only the title of a very successful book by Anthony Ulwick, but also a slogan that describes the commitment and the success of renowned retailers such as Jashanmal.

We say Thank You! It was an honor for us and we wish you all the best for your success on Amazon!

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