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How to create content that converts

How to convert interest into action with content is the most pressing question for any marketer in the digital space. If you're about to produce content for your products and services, face a lack of inspiration, or start out afresh, here are our tips to create content that accelerates sales for your online brand.

Own your users' problems

Identify who your customers are in the first step of content creation for your product or service. Concentrate on building an understanding of their problems and needs. Take a walk in their shoes and try to comprehend what you would to understand prior to making a buying decision. Focus on what matters to them and come up with concise descriptions that honestly explain how the product or service can prove beneficial for them. You want to be authentic and make your customers recognize that you aim to provide solutions based on strong facts and understanding.

Source ideas from online communities

When looking for relevant topics and FAQs to discuss with your audience, look up several online forums for content development. Platforms such as Quora or Reddit provide great insights for content creators who want to specifically tackle users' needs in their content pieces. A great number of people from around the world discuss and seek solutions on these platforms. All you need to do is build up on these frequently asked questions and identify how your product could be a relevant solution. Learn from and interact with customers by commenting on their posts from your business account. This can help gain a deeper understanding of the user and increase engagement for your product or service.

Sketch out the user journey

Breaking down the user journey is very important when wanting to 'hit the nail on its head' with content. Take time to do this valuable exercise in order to capture the persona of your target audience. Carry out interviews and highlight the most outstanding feelings, quotes, emotions or actions of your user in an empathy map. While you may not do this exercise for every product you plan to list online, we recommend to do so for relevant product categories. This can serve as the basis for creating not only factual but emotionally compelling content that stands out from your competition. The user journey reveals where relevant CTA's can be added to inspire customers to lead conversions.

User Journey
Map it to crack it! (Photo: Unsplash)

Communicate compactly and clearly

According to a Forbes report on global content consumption, almost 48% of people consumed content over social media during the pandemic. Given the vast amount of content, it converts best when its concise, crisp and on point. Highlight the key facts about your product or service that cater to the need of your customer. You want to enable your customers to make a well-informed and confident buying decision in a short time.

Go the 'extra mile': Details and specifications

Keep in mind that you might be the expert for your product or service, but your customers may not, nor do they necessarily wish to be. Revisit the FAQs and customer journey to identify what is relevant for them to be sure of their purchasing decision. Provide answers to people's questions and cater to the overarching topic your product or service addresses. Share your technical know-how in a straightforward manner with simple words. Go through customer reviews to understand how and where you can improve the flow of information. Remain accountable for the information you are sharing to create trust between you and your customers.

Remember to be user friendly

Ensure you keep things short and simple. Dive straight into the most important facts and repeat them smartly to reinforce their importance until the end. Do not use long sentences. As much possible, break down the information in small parts for convenience. Let each paragraph have a clear beginning and ending. Stay away from complex words and use keywords effectively. You want to manage the time and effort of potential customers wisely by well-presenting your content for optimal conversion.

Promote, revisit, adjust and grow

Monitor development of your content and keywords over time so that you can employ new phrases to attract customers. Be aware of new trends that open up new opportunities for curating content. Look for inspiration across categories and search for niches that you could fill. As trends change quickly you want to repurpose and revise your content continuously for it to remain relevant. This effort will be rewarded from both, customers and search engine algorithms. We hope you found this article helpful. Please feel free to comment, share or like. If you want to know more about how we curate content for our customers, feel free to leave us a message! We will be happy to chat and provide you with answers on 'all things content'. #content #conversions #search #optimization #digitalmarketing #contentcreation #ecommerce #onlinebusiness #socialmediastrategy #digitalmarketingtips

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