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How to make great A+ content for your offers on Amazon

Attention, Brand Owners! With enhanced brand content (ebc) and the 'Brand Store', Amazon provides useful tools that put your company and brand into the spotlight on international marketplaces. Innovative A+ content breaks through competition, transforms customer loyalty and lowers PPC costs. Based on our experience, here’s what works for a great boost in metrics and higher ROI.

Build an innovative Amazon storefront

Enroll your products for the Amazon Brand Registry 2.0 to promote, protect and present your brand better. An Amazon brand store allows brand owners to sell all their products from one landing page. The concept is similar to a stand-alone online shop, except the fact that the brand store is embedded within the Amazon marketplace. The Amazon brand store highlights only your brand and the respective products to the consumer. When entering your assortment via your brand store and not through the regular Amazon search, only your offers are shown to the consumer. This is helpful for consumers who want to ensure they shop directly from the brand owner and not a third-party source. Thus, the consumers will be shown only your price offerings. No price offers of third-party sellers will be shown to the consumer.

Use high-quality images

In a world full of options, appealing visuals are key to support quick buying decisions. While it is mandatory to show the product against a white background on the first picture, we advise to go into detail for other pictures that follow. Highlight important features, add explanations and measurements to make it easy for the consumers to understand if your product suits their needs. Use infographics to highlight key aspects that could influence consumer buying decisions. Include details about volume, features, available colors, etc. 

Within A+ pages, you can go beyond product-related topics. Use the available space to highlight aspects of your brand, your company or projects that you support. The consumers of today want to understand who they are buying from and what sets you apart from the competition. 

Generate impact with videos

Short, bite-sized, crisp, catchy and real-time videos perform well on Amazon. Highlight product features and benefits to grasp the user’s attention almost instantly. Consider recreating the environment suited for your product. Use emotions to captivate the user with a unique storytelling experience. Stick to 1280 x 640 pixels based on the Amazon guidelines. Provide subtitles in case of audio to keep your user hooked even on mute mode.

A+ content for Super General
Crisp details, engaging content and immersive images – The secret we used to boost online sales for Super General with A+ Content.

Focus on the benefits in text

A+ content offers the opportunity to tackle additional questions about the product, the category and related items. It works like a blog that offers extra space to add context to your product/category. Whatever you cannot capture within the title or the bullet points, A+ can help deliver for your customers. Browse through forums and capture the FAQs customers have. Then build the A+ content around those questions enabling consumers to gain a better understanding. Base your A+ content marketing strategy around providing additional information to your audience. This helps to establish trust and long-term customer loyalty. 

Build trust and interest through smart selling

Pitching similar varieties and cross-selling products can boost sales through A+ content. Cross selling can help highlight alternate or complimentary products. Use these tools to showcase your product assortment and highlight your brand value. Provide shoppers with an idea of whether you are a multi-category brand or a specialty/ niche player. Doing so can help you reach more relevant customers in less time.


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