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What is Clubhouse and why you need to get the invite now?

When Elon Musk recently tweeted about a new social media app, the "Elon Effect" took the news by a storm. While the stocks for Clubhouse Media Group rallied to a new level altogether, it was soon disclosed that the founder of Tesla was actually indicating the advent of a new social media platform going by the same name. Nevertheless, the uproar has been loud and clear – just like the voices on the Clubhouse app.

Clubhouse is one of the most popular social media platforms these days. The app has been creating ripples literally with the power of audio drop-in chats and crowd-learning. Founded by Paul Davison and Rohan Seth in early 2020, the platform promotes exchange and authenticity. If you haven't been on it in 2020 already, you certainly want to check it out in 2021.

All you need to do is find someone who can invite you to the audio application. You may also sign up and get on a waiting list. Friends that are already active on Clubhouse can push you up the queue. As of now only available as iOS version for iPhone users. An app for Android is unfortunately still missing. 

To make it easy for you to join and start exploring the chat rooms, just head to: The app aims to go public soon with subscriptions, ticketed events and tipping. We  believe it has great potential to become a social hotspot for the change makers. At the same time, it offers fantastic opportunities for brands to engage with their community in real-time. Feel free to leave us a message, yep we're on it and are absolutely in love with it! Let's hop into a room and get talking. But before getting into details, let's focus on the fun and find out what makes Clubhouse so special.

Why is everyone going crazy over the Clubhouse app?

Imagine going on a coffee date with Oprah Winfrey. Isn’t it hard to imagine? In 2021, not really. Clubhouse makes it possible for you. Get into the same room with top leaders and global influencers. Crack a joke with Kevin Hart or Chris Rock. Rap it up with Drake, or discuss venture capital while you swoon over Ashton Kutcher. Everything is just a room away on Clubhouse and that’s why everyone’s going crazy over the Clubhouse app. Its personal, invite-only and engaging – all at once. The Clubhouse communities seem to be transforming social media through encouraging openness and empathy in a post-COVID world. You can chat real-time on any topic and assuredly have high-value conversations without the fear of vulnerability.

Select rooms based on your interests. Browse through the differently themed rooms set up by Clubhouse members. Learn and get useful tips on social media management and how to boost your IG channel. Discuss day-to-day life subjects or social justice projects. Dive into entertainment and pop culture. The topics are sheer endless. People from around the world can chat, share their stories, ideas, friendships and more. It opens the door to first-hand experiences and know-how, multiplying gateways that support learning from crowds.

The Clubhouse voice chat app is innovating the way we engage socially. You decide if you want to participate by listening only or actively engage in talks. Moreover, it doubles up as one of the best social listening tools that enhances deep learning. Over 600,000 registered users are on the app already.

clubhouse app
Clubhouse is touted as one of the most popular social media platforms 2020. (Photo: Unsplash)

How to build an audience on the Clubhouse chat app? What’s in it for me?

On Clubhouse, you can connect with individuals beyond your own niche for an active exchange of ideas. Making the Clubhouse app a part of your strategy can yield informative results about your audience networks. Clubhouse gives digital natives a breath of fresh air with new frequencies to tune into for content consumption. Planning ahead, we have listed our thoughts on how you can get started.

Build communities online

Even though the app is still in private beta mode, you can already encourage internal community building. Create your own room and invite members to join. Hold discussions about pressing topics. Provide exclusive training and coaching sessions that can prove beneficial to your company’s growth. 


Hold virtual events in a safer space

2020 took everything online and with that came the wave of online events. However, privacy has always been a major concern. The social media algorithms used by Clubhouse do not promote any storage of data. That means that you can conduct all your events in a safe, intimate and secure room online. As access is limited until now, you can easily keep track of your networking success. At the same time it offers you the possibility to continuously work on and improve your communication strategy. 


Curate topics for better content

Whether you show up professionally from an eCommerce agency or as a private person looking to connect to a larger audience: Clubhouse can be an extremely beneficial tool for you. From movie fandoms to political discussions, you’ll find a room for almost every topic. Come together with like-minded individuals and put your ideas to test. Never has it been easier to create content and gather feedback in real-time. Just keep in mind to fill in the group description before you open a room. In case you intend to record your conversations you should ensure coherence with the platform’s strict privacy policy. 


Use it for your networking projects

Looking to work with a team and bounce some ideas off the table? Invite your teammates to collaborate in a virtually enclosed environment open to different voices. Get creative and bring together insights from fellow competitors and industry leaders through live sessions. Work wonders with newer insights, wider networks and relevant opportunities that can help boost your brand online.


Test your ideas and products

Clubhouse could be a great place to perform user testing in the future. Share some thoughts on your ideas and gather feedback before going live. Reach out and learn what others have to say when building a story brand. With people pro-actively sharing their views, you know your growth is bound to soar high.


Build larger networks through crowd-learning

Clubhouse is a great place to network with people from around the world. Share contacts and widen your perception. With several start-up owners, leading public personalities, top CEO’s and tech giants actively exchanging their thoughts, you can boost your network in no time. Clubhouse breaks down the barriers of status and class to create an environment that is welcoming for all. 

We got you interested in Clubhouse? Then feel free to get in touch with us. If you liked this topic, drop in your questions below and stay tuned for more articles coming soon. 

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